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Are looking to fill a temporary or permanent position without the hassle and costs involved? If so A1 Labour Hire can help you!

If you become a member of A1 Labour Hire, you will have access to anyone who has uploaded their CV on our website. This employment hub will be kept up to date on a daily basis with fresh candidates being added if we think they have the adequate skills to meet our client’s needs.

Our candidates are hand-picked through industry recognised recruitment processes so we only put forward quality candidates for our clients to choose from. With our years of experience and listening to our clients needs, we know what our clients are looking for in employees. We recognise how valuable quality staff can be for a business. Our determination and skill in recruiting such staff will help our clients be more successful and profitable in the future.



A1 Labour Hire will take care of all our employees pay and contributions. This will include wages, PAYE, holiday pay, sick pay, ACC & Kiwisaver contributions. We will send our clients a simple invoice so you can spend more time working on your business and not carrying out administrative work.



There are numerous advantages for using A1 Labour Hire and some of these are listed below:

  • Instant access to a pool of employees seeking employment through our website
  • Specialised recruitment
  • Workforce flexibility 
  • No payroll costs
  • Our simple invoicing process
  • The opportunity to directly employ a temporary candidate if you wish
  • Transfer of employment risk
  • The capability to immediately off-hire an employee when there services are no longer required
  • Industry knowledge
  • More operational time for management