About Us

About Us

A1 Labour Hire is a 100% New Zealand owned labour hire company currently servicing the Queenstown Lakes District & Central Otago regions. We specialise in recruiting quality people to carry out quality work.

We currently provide our services to the following industries: Construction, Landscaping, Road & Infrastructure, Office & Administration and Professional Services.

We can provide temporary or permanent labour hire solutions catering to any company's business needs. Our recruitment process is based on listening to our clients requirements and tailoring our services around their specific needs. 

With this in mind we have developed a database where employers can log in at any time and find the staff that they require whether it is temporary or on a permanent basis. This saves time recruiting staff and saves money on advertising.

We believe our business model will set our services apart.


Service Options

A1 Labour Hire has a number of service options which may benefit your business and make it more cost efficient. Some of these services are listed below:

  • Daily hire
  • Flexible labour
  • Short term to long term hire
  • Contractor Pool placement/hire (see below)
  • Contract work (set period, holiday cover, etc.)
  • Temporary to permanent placement*
  • Permanent placements*

*Our permanent placements fees are approximately 50% cheaper than most recruitment companies.


Contractor Pool

The Concept

A conglomerate of local contractors joining together and pooling their excess labour in order to streamline their business needs, thus benefiting themselves and those who are in need of immediate labour.


How it works

Have you ever been in a situation where you are over staffed, but you are waiting for that next job to start?

Every week that goes by, your excess labour is cutting into your margin. You don’t want to let your good staff go because it’s hard to find decent skilled labour these days, so you have no other option but to keep them.

Have you ever won a job but you realised that you needed to find some highly skilled tradespeople immediately?

It is difficult to find them in the current market. Advertising costs time and money, which may still result in a person who is not fit for the role entirely. How about taking on a person who has already proven their skills?

A1 Labour Hire believes we can help you!

When a company wants to release some of its workers for a period of time until they are required again, they can contact us. We will add these tradespeople into a “Pool” where other contractors can view their skills and hire them until their original employer needs them again.

An agreement will be signed between the Current Employer, Employee, A1 Labour Hire & the Temporary Hirer. A1 Labour Hire will supply this agreement to all parties.


What will A1 Labour Hire do?

Any employee who wishes to join the Contractor Pool, will be added to our database. All members will have access to their information when it is available.


Once a member

  • You will have access to our database of employees in the contractor pool. This database can be accessed through our website and will contain details of each contractor who has agreed to join the pool.
  • A1 Labour Hire will be a mediatory between the contractor who wants to release some labour and the contractor who wants to take on extra labour.
  • We will have a casual employment contract with the Temporary Candidate.
  • We will pay the Temporary Candidate on a weekly basis taking into account any statutory deductions. Annual leave will be on a pay as you go basis.
  • A1 Labour Hire will invoice the Temporary Employer on a weekly basis.
  • A1 Labour Hire will pay the Temporary Candidate an extra $1.00 per hour over and above what they are currently making on viewing there current hourly rate.


Benefits for the OVER STAFFED contractor:

  • Release your staff and cut down your overheads while waiting for the next job to start.
  • No need to pay your employee while on placement.
  • Your employee can return to your company whenever you require them again.
  • Keep your staff happy by placing them into work on short notice, no looking for alternative work.


Benefits for the UNDER STAFFED contractor:

  • Immediate access to a pool of contractors who may have excess labour.
  • No advertising for staff which saves time and money.
  • You will be taking on staff that has already been vetted by your peers.
  • Access to A1 Labour Hire online database to access the contractor pool, or find CVs from people who have just arrived in town and are looking for temporary or permanent positions.


Benefits for the Temporary Candidate:

  • No need to be made redundant due to a shortfall in their employers work.
  • Immediate placement into temporary work while waiting for their employer to start the next job.
  • Get paid an extra $1.00 per hour while on temporary placement.
  • Work for other local contractors doing similar work.
  • Choose from the contractors who are looking for extra labour.
  • The Temporary Candidate will get to work on different sites where they might learn new skills and meet other likeminded people.


A1 Labour Hire is privileged to be an associate member of the Registered Master Builders and New Zealand Certified Builders.

We provided our services to many of their members. We value their support.


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Meet The Team

Niall O' Neill

Managing Director
Phone + 64 22 378 2066
Mobile + 64 22 378 2066
Email niall@a1labourhire.co.nz
Address Unit 18, 643 Alpine Village, Frankton Road Queenstown 9300 New Zealand

Marie Attridge

Phone +64 22 417 1186
Mobile +64 22 417 1186
Email marie@a1labourhire.co.nz
Address Unit 18, 643 Alpine Village, Frankton Road Queenstown 9300 New Zealand